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Premium category food supplement for dog, support the better bonebuiding



For prevention:

1 teaspoon daily / 20 bwkg

For treatment:

2 teaspoon daily / 20 bwkg

  • Ingredients:

    10 % human food supplement quality MCHC (mycrocristallin calcium hydroxiapatit) and BMP (bone morphogenic protein)

    - The MCHC is the active (ready to build- in) form of calcium ( all other formes of caltium need first to transform in calcium hidroxyapatit after incorporation , only after this transformation will be able to intake in teths and bones), so can be directly build in the teths and bones, help the faster bonebuild , teths growe
    - The BMP support the osteoblast activity fastering the bones build and re-build


    - pregnant females for better develope of the puppys
    - puppys for prevention the anomalies caused by too fast growing (using this product you can reache the geneticaly maximum size without movement problems occuring)
    - working and sport dogs for injury prevention (you can prolonge the active life time)
    - for faster recovering from fractures
    - decrease the fatigue.fractures occurency and improuve the recovering from this type of fracture
    - healp the prevention of subcondral hipercalcification and bone cysts formation

  • Weight
    500 g/db
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