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Premium category food supplement for dog, support the joints and cartilage protection,
improuve the interstitial tissue elasticity


For prevention:
1 teaspoon daily / 20 bwkg

For treatment:
2 teaspoon daily / 20 bwkg

  • Ingredients:

    10 % human food supplement quality aktiv GLM green shell mussel extractum
    ( contein only the active elements, 20 % of greenshell whole body, five time more active ingredients comparative with other green shell products)


    - help the faster build of the interstitial tissue and it’s faster recovering after injury
    - improuve the elasticity of all tissues reducing the injury occurency
    - improuve the cappilarization , reducing on this way the time for recoverig
    - growe the blood vessels elasticity supporting the circulatory system
    - improuve the airways elasticity for the best breath during the work
    - one green shell is able to filter 300 l seewater , incorporing many microelements during this proces, the wilde microelements contein help the better metabolic function of all body


    - pregnant females for better develope of the puppys
    - puppys for prevention the anomalies caused by too fast growing (using this product you can reache the geneticaly maximum size without movement problems occuring)
    - working and sport dogs for injury prevention (you can prolonge the active life time)
    - for faster recovering from injury

  • Weight
    500 g/db
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