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Sani-Prevent Bone Dust

Sani-Prevent Bone Dust

To prevent osteoporosis it’s recommended to take 1-3 pills daily.
If the problem is settled then take 3-5 pills during meal, depending on your weight.

The box includes 100 pills.

  • For the strong bones

    Calcium is one of the most important mineral in the organism and it is the chief component of the bones and teeth. Every creature is unique in the effectiveness of usage the calcium from their regimen.
    The Sani-Prevent Bone Dust is made from New-Zelandian cattle bones and it is completly free from growth hormones so it has all the components for bone strengthening in the optimal quantity. Recent research proves that the bones are continuosly recover and degrade like all the living tissues but slower. The reconstruction takes about 7-8 years. They call the osteoporosis sneaky disease because it shows ordinary symptoms for years but after long years it will suddenly decrease your daily life or even it becomes a disease with serious symptoms. So it’s important to prevent this from the early childhood with dietary supplements and look out for the calcium consumption. To reach this goal you need to take bone dust beceause it is the most useful product in the global market so this is why we recommend you the Sani-Prevent Bone Dust to ensure you about your bone reconstruction.

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