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Seatone Sport Restart

Seatone Sport Restart

Common daily dose is 2*2 pill during meal ( for 80 kg but above that +1 pill for every 20 kg)
The product has anti-doping certificate.
Damage to the bone tissue can be alsue helped by this product healthy benefits.

The box contains 100 pills.

  • Faster recovery from the sport damages affects the joints

    In professional circles there is a known fact that the Seatone shell extract contains high amount of the glucosamine which has a benefit in movement. In the Seatone Sport Restart the prolin and the glycin supplement that effect so it has a benefit in all the components of the connective tissue and the supportive too. The changed physiological and anatomical state due to the damage is recover faster if we ensure the needed nutrients. The glucosamine not only a serious component but even a serious nutrient to the tissues so we have to ensure the resupply with diet. The high glucosamine constumption accelerates the damaged tissues recovery to their original state.

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